Artpulp is evolving!

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Hello 2019. We are a bit late for resolutions but this year we are pledging to do more. What does that mean? It means more online showcases, more artists, more love, more creativity and more support for all forms of art.

This means we want to support all forms of visual arts including painting, drawing, comics, sculpture, video, sketches, photography, photo collage, mixed media, and anything else you amazing artists choose to make.

It also means we want to expand - because art and creativity has no limits - so why should we. We want to hear from poets, storytellers, writers, authors, spoken word, sound artists, playwrights and anyone who uses words to make art.

The bottom line is if you create then we want to support you! Visit our submit page or drop us a line and let's make 2019 even more amazing. #ChooseCreativity

Acrylic & Wood - Drew Griffiths

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